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Pitch Perfect. The Public Speaking Course for Primary Schools

Pitch Perfect is our highly successful public speaking course for primary school students in years 3-6. This course helps students learn the art of public speaking in a fun and engaging way that builds confidence, skills and self-belief.

A Great Start To Improve Speaking

This short course can be completed in just 8 weeks. There are 6 main modules plus the introduction. 

Students will watch highly engaging videos, then perform assignments associated with the module and do quizzes too. They’ll earn badges for completing modules and points for getting top marks in the quizzes. Meaning you’ll have highly engaged, eager learners looking to complete each module to the best of their ability.

What’s This Course About?

The key focus of this course is to get students up, speaking confidently in public. It gives each student the skills to be able to overcome their fears, control their nerves, plan and prepare their presentations and perform with confidence. 

How Can It Help Your Students?

The ability to speak in public with confidence is a highly sought after skill that can change lives for the better. It can help students perform better at school, offer valuable opinions during lessons and develop a love for learning. 

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Public speaking for primary school Young leaders academy
Young Leaders Academy Public speaking for Primary pupils

Reach For The Stars. Sports Leader Award for Primary Schools

This highly engaging, proven training program empowers your Sports Leaders with specialised skills that will enable them to thrive in their role.

Confidence In No Time

Within no-time they’ll have the confidence and skill-set to work together as a team to improve playground activities, organise school sports events, present confidently in assemblies and be ambassadors of health and wellbeing in your school and community.

The Most Comprehensive Sports Leaders Training

The Reach for the Stars online sports leaders course is a comprehensive course that uses rich media, video, quizzes and assignments to develop your sports leaders.

They’ll have the confidence to not only thrive in their sports leading role but be a credit to your school and your community. Book a trial demo of this course or find out more by clicking the button below. 

The Method



Topics that empower children in their school leadership roles. Training that has an impact and changes lives.


Each award contains amazing content delivered via rich media for maximum impact, understanding and learning


Implementation further enhances the student journey and progress is accelerated

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