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pitch perfect:
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Skill Level

8-10 weeks




Program Overview

Public speaking is one of the most important but dreaded forms of communication. However, the art of public speaking is slowly being eroded. Is it the use of excessive technology, lack of practice or lack of knowledge? Whatever the reason, the fact is clear – children do not know how to communicate their thoughts effectively so they can influence, educate or inform.

And public speaking is so much more than that….

It gives children a clearer understand of how powerful verbal communication can be. It gives children confidence and it gives children a voice. Every child has a message but they simply don’t know how to convey it.

But how can you bring public speaking easily, professionally and effectively into your school so as many students as possible can benefit?

The methodology and approach used in the Pitch Perfect program is well proven. Imtiaz (program creator and presenter) has been a public speaker for over a decade and is a past President of the highly decorated North Cheshire Speakers Club, based in the United Kingdom.

He’s been training children and adults for many years on how to be effective communicators and he’s condensed all of that knowledge and experience in to an easy-to-follow program for younger students.

This program is perfect for beginners aged 8 and upwards. We highly recommend schools to use this program for Year 4-9 / Grade 3-10. The level one program is successfully being used as a stand alone lesson (full teacher resource pack with lesson plans included) and as an extra curricular activity. The choice is yours.

But how does the program work?

Pitch Perfect is a very practical program that gives students the most opportunities to get up and speak from the get-go. Every module contains fun speaking games, examples of good speeches and practical guidance to help younger speakers understand, learn and apply this knowledge. Check out the learning path here.

And that’s one of the reasons it’s so successful in developing confident communicators from the youngest of ages. Purposeful practice, with professional guidance and practical, useable tips and advice make this a fun way to introduce public speaking to kids. 

Not only will your students actually enjoy the experience, they and their parents will thank you for it! 

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Gamification is built into the online system, encouraging learners at every step, awarding badges for tasks completed and points they can exchange for different ranks


The Pitch Perfect Public Speaking for Kids Level One program is aimed at beginners and students who may have a need to communicate better but are not sure how.

Pitch Perfect is also a highly recommended program for learners that find public speaking difficult and may show anxiety when asked to speak in public. It can even be used for more confident speakers to fine tune their presentation skills and become even better at public speaking. We highly recommend this program for ages 8 to 13 years old. 

No prior experience is necessary to take part in the program or run the program. Full teacher resource pack is included. More details below…


Every partner school is provided with login details for the online portal and a teacher resource pack (detailed below). This gives both teachers and students exactly what they need to get started. Take a sample lesson / module here and get a feel for how your teachers and students will access the online portal.

Pitch Perfect Public Speaking Level One Beginners program includes:

Example poster for public speaking course for kids
Display board poster to inspire students


Yes! Our aim is to make your students and your school successful at public speaking. We are here with you all the way. Every program comes with a personal account handler whose sole responsibility is to help you, your teachers and your school. This is something we are very proud of and we love helping out – whether it’s a simple login issue to understanding a part of the program to getting started.

We love on-boarding new schools and helping our existing schools become even better!

We believe in creating lasting, meaningful partnerships with our partner schools as this is how we share best practice, improve our programs and materials so you and your school have the most up to date solution to help your students and community excel in public speaking.

St Barnabas Primary School becomes the 1st UK School to receive the YLA Silver Award for Student Leadership
"Thank you so much for our award Imtiaz. It has been a privilege to continue to work with you and look forward to doing so in the coming years. We couldn’t have done this without your support."
School Student Leadership, Emma Perkins
Emma Perkins
Deputy Head, St Barnabas Primary, Warrington, UK

What's included in the teacher resource pack?

As well as input from seasoned industry professionals, the extensive teacher resource pack has been designed with the help of senior teachers who understand what fellow teachers need to make their job easier. Included are:

Display board poster to inspire public speaking in your school
Display board poster to inspire public speaking in your school

Learning Path

In the very first module students are welcomed on to the program and introduced to public speaking. 

Anxiety, fear and over thinking are just a few of the challenges public speaking presents. So in this module students learn how to just get up in front of a small audience and perhaps say a few words. Whilst also learning how to control their anxiety and beat their fears.

Video + Quiz

In this module students work as a group to and play a fun One Minute Word Challenge (OMWC) game to build their confidence in getting up and speaking on the spot. The OMWC is all about impromptu speaking – speaking  without any plan or rehearsal – and is a proven technique to help speakers overcome fear, anxiety and fine tune their speaking skills. This game will be played at every lesson (where possible).

1 x Video + 1 x Instructions

Every successful communicator plans, prepares and practices their speeches. This module shows you exactly how to do just that. You’ll learn effectives techniques to make your presentations flow.

Video + Quiz + Assignment

Effective communication through speech is more than just words. So in this module we introduce how to use your voice and body in a way to make your presentations powerful, meaningful and impactful. From pitch, pace and pause – students will be amazed by how some simple techniques will change the way they communicate for the better, for ever!  

1 x Video + Quiz + Assignments

by now students will have been learning and practicing speaking techniques and will have built the confidence to develop their first public speech. This module will give them even more confidence in their ability to present a great first speech in public.

1 x Video + Assignment

What worked and what didn’t? Students will learn how to shift their mindset from criticism to critical analysis and from rubbishing a piece of their work to refining it! These growth mindset techniques will not only help in developing a better speech but also developing a more mature attitude towards their own work.

By this points students have learnt how to be effective and confident communicators.

Now it’s time to develop an amazing presentation and do a whole year / school / community presentation using all the amazing skills you have developed so far. On completion students receive their certificate. Go for it!

1 x Video + Assignment


If you need a more detailed look around the program or would like to speak to one of our helpful advisors please book a demo session here. Demo sessions are free and are a great way to find out more and help you answer any questions you have.

Take A Sample Lesson Here

No login required. Simply click the ‘What Is Pitch Perfect’ link and you’ll be directly in a sample lesson. This is a great way to see the program first hand and get a feel for how the modules work, style of content and ease of use. If you need a more detailed look around please do book a demo session here. Demo sessions are also free.

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