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14 weeks




Course Overview

Pitch Perfect is a training course that helps students develop one of the most in demand skills of the century – the ability to communicate confidently.

This course develops each students ability through a well-tested, proven method used by many of the world’s top speakers. The Pitch Perfect course takes learner from simply standing up to say just a few words to confidently delivering a presentation in front of the whole school.

This is a very practical course that gets students up and speaking from the get-go and that’s one of the reasons it’s so successful in developing confident communicators. 

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is aimed at students who may have a need to communicate better but are not sure how to. It is also a great course for learners that find public speaking difficult and can be used by confident speakers to fine tune their presentation skills and become even better at public speaking.

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Learning Path

In this module students learn how to just get up in front of a small audience and perhaps say a few words

Video + Quiz

Every successful communicator plan, prepares and practices their speeches. This module shows you exactly how to do just that. 

Video + Quiz + Assignment

In this module students work as a group to and play a fun One Minute Challenge game to build their confidence in getting up, being confident and speaking. 

3 x Video + Quiz

As students become more confident in speaking we now step up a gear and focus on how to use your voice in a powerful way. From pitch, tone, pace and pause – students will be amazed by how some simple techniques will change the way they communicate for ever!  

1 x Video + Quiz + Assignments

When students get to this part of the course they will have the ability to develop a short speech. This module will show them exactly how to do that and how to make a successful 1st Speech in front of other people

1 x Video + Assignment

Nobody wants to listen to a boring, drab and flat presentation. 

In this module students learn how to hook their listeners, keep everyone excited and engaged and deliver a presentation that has the desired impact.

1 x Video + Assignment

By this points students have learnt how to be effective and confident communicators.

Now it’s time to develop the Perfect Pitch and do a whole year / school / community presentation using all the amazing skills you have developed so far.

1 x Video + Assignment

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