Free Webinar: The Art of Public Speaking in Primary Schools. How To Increase Confidence and Build Life Skills


About the event

There has been no more important time in history than now to focus on student public speaking skills. Public speaking is a life-skill that is in high demand. BUT it’s one of the most feared skills in the world and it takes courage, bravery and understanding to develop this sought after skill. So how do we teach and instill public speaking in young children, so it becomes easier, less anxious and even an enjoyable activity? 

In this webinar each panelist will be asked – how can and are schools winning with public speaking? They will provide industry insights from the education sector like never before. You will find out what systems and programmes other schools are using and how you can use them too. They will showcase successful strategies that you too could implement in your school(s).

Our highly experienced international speakers will share best practice, pitfalls to avoid and help you develop a successful public speaking strategy that will benefit your school, students, set your school apart and lift your profile in your community.

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Naim Shabir
Naim Shabir, Deputy Head, British International School Riyadh

Naim has been working in schools for the last eleven years. He began teaching in West Yorkshire, England, where he held roles of Head of Community Cohesion (which was rated Outstanding by Ofsted) and Head of Maths. Naim worked in Years 2, 5 and 6 in the UK.

He first moved abroad to Riyadh 7 years ago, and has since held various middle and senior leadership roles in the three different schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Currently Naim is an Assistant Head Teacher at the British International School Riyadh and a COBIS trained facilitator for their middle leaders course.

This academic Year, Naim is completing his National Professional Qualification of Headship (NPQH) and will also be completing his Level 2 PENTA, British Schools Overseas inspection training. In his spare time, he is busy with his 3 children aged 10, 8 and 2 and attempting to occasionally do some exercise!

ian bani
Ian Bani, Head of Vocational Qualifications Middle East and North Africa, Pearson Education

Ian is an educational expert with considerable experience in the design and implementation of education and training solutions for different client groups. He has worked both with public and private entities in education and training reform for several countries.

Before becoming a lecturer, Ian built a successful career in Graphic Design, working with a variety of international companies.  It was here he realised and developed his passion for supporting others to succeed in the field of training and development.

After moving to United Arab Emirates Ian worked with a variety of local, national and international training organisations developing programmes and leading to support young unengaged learners access education and training.


At Pearson Ian earned a reputation for his implementation approach as well as his innovative techniques in onboarding Pearson Qualifications and Quality Assurance systems for vocational qualifications. He was able to clearly demonstrate the significance of Pearson Qualifications to progression, employability, workforce development, foreign direct investment and economic sustainability.

Imtiaz Jamil
Imtiaz Jamil, CEO & Founder, Young Leaders Academy

Imtiaz has worked extensively in schools for over 14 years delivering sports and leadership programs. As a football coach he has an enviable reputation for training young children to become the best. Imtiaz has helped 1000’s of young children get into some of the world’s top football clubs including Manchester United, Liverpool FC and Manchester City to name a few.

His passion for public speaking and helping others to become great at public speaking comes as no surprise as in his own words, he was awful at public speaking. This gives him the unique perspective of knowing how beginners feel and exactly what they need to overcome their fears and speak with confidence.

He is past President of North Cheshire Speakers Club, one of the most decorated speakers clubs in the UK, consistently winning speaking and debating competitions both regionally and nationally. 


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