The Award Scheme


Your schools commitment to developing your student leaders should be rewarded. That’s why when every partner school joins YLA they automatically join our Awards Scheme.


What Is The YLA Award Scheme?

The YLA Award Scheme is a fantastic opportunity for schools to get recognised for the incredible work they do in their endeavour to help their pupils learn and take part in life-changing student leadership programs.

The Award Scheme recognises this hard work and gives accredited schools the following benefits:

How To Get Accredited

Each school that joins any of our student leadership programs, courses or training gets automatic accreditation and is awarded the Bronze Award.

sports leaders in primary school getting certificates
St Barnabas Primary School Become The 1st Ever To Gain Silver Award
Young Leaders Academy Sports Leaders Award brain storming

How Does The Award Scheme Work

Once schools have established their commitment to developing young leaders they will work towards development milestones (setout in their development plan). 

On successful completion of these milestones a school will then be awarded to next award – Silver, Gold or Platinum.

Schools receive a certificate of achievement at every stage and get full support and training to help them hit their targets and milestones. 

School Award

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Every step is rewarded with a School Award Certificate.

Annual Conference

Opportunities to share best practice across our growing global school network .


For those who love to compete. An opportunity for students to take a global center stage

What's The Benefit of Being Part of the Scheme?

There are many benefits for schools, pupils and parents by taking part in the scheme.

It not only sends a strong message in your community and network that you take student leadership and development seriously but also has a host of other benefits. Here’s a few below for you to review… 

junior sports leaders getting ready for play time
primary school sports leaders dance session

How To Join The YLA Award Scheme

You get automatic enrollment in to the scheme when your school / organisation uses any of our leadership awards, programs, courses or training.

Share Knowledge, Best Practice & Celebrate Success

Each year we organize an Annual Conference where students, teachers, co-ordinators and parents, gather to see the incredible learning that has taken place in your school.

The event is hosted by the school that has shown the most progress that year / previous year. The host school gets to share best practice and run workshops with other schools in our network and beyond. An amazing opportunity to learn and benefit.

junior sports leaders getting ready for play time
primary school sports leaders dance session

Expanding Horizons & Expanding Your Network

At Young Leaders Academy we firmly believe that healthy competition is a great way to test your own ability and to improve your skills.

Every so often we will develop a fun competition that students and schools alike can take part in, compete and win great prizes for themselves and their school. We invite schools from across the globe to take part making this a real enrichment opportunity for everyone involved.

It’s also a fantastic way to network with other like-minded schools from your region, country and other parts of the world.

How To Find Out More...

Book A Free Online Demo

Schools find one of the most successful ways to find out if this program is suitable for their school is by taking a free online demo.

Don’t worry, there is no high pressure selling! Just a friendly live demo via zoom with one of our lovely trainers who will answer your questions and show you the program. Easy.

Simply click the button and choose a time and date that suits you.

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John Littler, Head Teacher, Barrow Hall Primary School, UK

The playground is buzzing because of it...

The ‘Reach for the Stars’ play leader training has transformed our playground. Before the Play Leaders were at odds on what to do. Now they’re excited and have a whole library of activities and the playground is buzzing because of it.”

Barrow Hall Primary School use the Reach for the Stars & Pitch Perfect programs