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We Are Young Leaders Academy and We Love Helping Student Leaders Make an Impact

Since 2011 Young Leaders Academy has been proud to have helped 1000’s of primary school children become more confident, feel valued, express their voice and make an impact in their student lives. In 2020 we turned our live in-school programs into accessible online programs so any school, anywhere in the world could access them 


Everyone wants to make an impact. With skills learnt at YLA you'll be well on your way.

Transferable Skills

Give your students skills for life. They'll thank you for it and you'll make a real difference to their lives.

Love for Learning

Instil a love for learning and a thirst for personal development. Give them the bug and watch them fly

How It All Started

Hi my name is Imtiaz Jamil and I'm the Founder and CEO of Young Leaders Academy

In 2011 I was providing an after school sports club to one of our partner schools. The Deputy Head asked if I could help their SSOC’s. My first reaction was – who are they? She introduced me and I was dumbfounded. It was the first time I’d ever come across primary sports leaders and I was so impressed.

20 Keen Kids
In front of me I had 20 keen and very able children who were all about to quit being sports leaders. When I asked them why, I was barraged with so many complaints and stories that I had to calm everyone down.

It was clear to see that this amazing crop of children, who give up their playtimes to help other children play, needed a lot of help.

Some Serious Challenges
They had teamwork challenges, no planning and co-ordination; they ended up playing the same game and everyone was getting bored and a myriad of other issues that needed sorting.

I went back to the Deputy Head and told her this was a big challenge. But I was up for it. Within 2 weeks I had created what is now known as Reach for the Stars, our sports leader training program.

It’s All About Confidence
I am really proud to say it’s still helping sports leaders make an impact. This program, and every other program we have, gives them the tools, skills, belief and confidence that yes they can. 

Imtiaz Jamil, Founder Young Leaders Academy, Leadership Training for Kids
Imtiaz Jamil, CEO and Founder of Young Leaders Academy



Student Success!

"I now can plan and prepare a successful presentation and can speak in front of people more fluently"
International Primary School
"This course has helped me become more confident at speaking"
International Primary School
"Helped me improve in my presentations and make them more interesting"
International Primary School

Our mission is to help your students learn valuable life-skills to enhance employability, build confidence & develop their leadership skills

Our unique and comprehensive online student leadership awards give all types of learners the ability to excel through two key areas: sport and speaking. Which way will your students develop, thrive and excel?

Select an award below and discover how your school and students can benefit…

The Time Is Now

In these challenging and changing times it’s more important than ever to equip students with the skills for the world that awaits.

The world is in dire need of leaders that can make a positive impact, who can communicate eloquently and be the driving force for change in their community.

The courses at Young Leaders Academy equip students of all levels with actionable knowledge, measured motivation and perfect execution.

Adding YLA Leadership courses to your school helps further enrich the diversity of your high quality activities.

This is one way schools will go from a Good to Outstanding rating with OFSTED. YLA courses provide personal development for your students, encouraging independent learning and a love for life-long learning

And because our unique awards are online they can be accessed from anywhere in the world on any device at any time.

Young Leaders Academy have been helping children achieve these amazing skills since 2011 and we can’t wait to help you and your school too.

If you have any questions we are just an email away so please do let us know how we can help.

A Massive Drive For Personal Development

There is a massive drive to help children with their personal development.

And we’ve been at the forefront of it since 2011. We developed the first ever structured Sports Leader Training Program that is still used successfully today – training Primary School Sports Leaders to be even more successful and effective in their roles. 

Our awards have been successfully used to help:

We Love Connections

As a high quality UK based education solutions company we love connecting schools with each other. We are now taking our courses international and connecting schools from the UK to schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Australia and beyond.

It’s a unique and exciting opportunity for students to build their networks, collaborate at scale, learn from each other and share ideas; all in a safe and secure environment.

Each year schools get the opportunity to take part in a World Young Leaders Conference where young leaders share their ideas, help each other excel and celebrate their success. Click the button below and take a look at our online student leader training for primary students and get in touch. 

Who We Work With

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Student Leadership In GCC

We are extremely proud and pleased to announce that all our exclusive online courses are now available across the Middle East. We are happy to serve schools in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait & Oman. If you would like to find out more please book a meeting by clicking the button below…

student leader courses for middle east

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