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UK and International Schools choose our programs to help deliver high quality extra curricular activities, targeted intervention and help pupils make an impact in their student leader roles

Building life skills through engaging online programs using sport and voice

Sports Leadership Program That Delivers

Sports Leaders need more than just a set of activities. Find out how our extensive Reach for the Stars Sports Leaders Award trains them to deliver high impact activities, develops teamwork, communication skills and so much more

Public Speaking For Primary Pupils

Lockdown has affected every child’s speech and language development. Pitch Perfect is a great way to build pupil confidence in public speaking, get children expressing their voices and communicating with impact

primary sports leaders award
St. Barnabas Primary School Get Silver Award

The Method



Fun, engaging topics that empower children in their school leadership roles. Training that has an impact and works.


Each course contains amazing content delivered via rich media for maximum impact, understanding and learning


Online learning with offline implementation further enhances the student journey and progress is accelerated

Sports Leader Training

There are many benefits of training your sports leaders with the Reach for the Stars program. Here’s a few to give you an overview… 

Public Speaking for Primary Schools

Public Speaking is one of the most in-demand skills in college, university and industry . Here’s an an overview of the Pitch Perfect program… 

Imtiaz Jamil, Founder Young Leaders Academy, Leadership Training for Kids
Imtiaz Jamil, Founder of Young Leaders Academy

Meet imtiaz

“With such a huge emphasis on ’employability’ skills, personal development and ‘soft’ skills, it’s never been so important for you to ensure you provide meaningful and proven training programmes for your students that have maximum impact.

The world is in dire need of problem solvers, creative thinkers, eloquent communicators and thought leaders. And it’s my mission to provide students in your school the ability and confidence to master these incredible life skills through fun and engaging training courses, so they can thrive in the world that awaits.”

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