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Young Leaders Academy online leadership courses are especially for schools that want their students to stand out, be future leaders and have an relentless love and desire for their students to succeed. Our online leadership training courses are made specifically for students in Primary and Secondary. Easy to use, easy to implement, incredible results.

We’ve been working in schools since 2011. The demand for leadership skills are growing year on year. Parents know. Schools know. The world is in dire need of effective communicators, team players, and creative thinkers. Our leadership courses are connecting schools worldwide, developing broader networks, sharing best practice and creating new possibilities every day. 

If motivation, desire and change are key drivers then they need the right training to be ignited. Our online leadership training use the power of these four proven areas to develop each and every student: sport, enterprise, speaking and community action to supercharge their development, progress and learning. You have never seen anything like this. 


Reach For The Stars

The perfect course for sporty students and to help those students develop the key skills to develop, lead and deliver amazing sporting events in your school from daily playground activities to increase school health and well-being to full scale mini School Olympic styled sports events!

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Pitch Perfect

It’s no surprise that public speaking is one of the most difficult and scariest things a person can do. But once this skill is mastered it can do wonders for a students confidence, attainment and aspirations. This course guides learners through each stage of the communication learning process from simply standing up to speak to mastering the perfect pitch.

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Tenner Challenge

The world of enterprise and entrepreneurship is an amazing topic that can inspire, develop and create. This course shows students what enterprise really means and how to develop an effective understanding of all the key business principles in a fun and engaging way. Students will learn pitching and presenting, ideation, marketing and selling among many other skills.

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Community Heroes

The ability to help others in your community is a wonderful, sought after quality. This course helps students understand the importance of that quality and helps them learn the management skills to make an impact in their own communities. Students will learn communication, organisation, planning, research, reflection among many other skills.

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I Am imtiaz jamil.

With such a huge emphasis on ’employability’ skills, personal development and ‘soft’ skills, it’s never been so important for you to ensure you provide the best in leadership for your students. The world is in dire need of problem solvers, creative thinkers, eloquent communicators and thought leaders. And it’s my mission to provide students in your school the ability and confidence to master these incredible life skills.  Having worked in schools since 2011 I’ve seen how important it is for children to learn and understand how leadership skills fit in to their lives – now and in the future. And I can’t wait to help you too. Take a look at our growing selection of leadership courses and get in touch with us to see how we can help you too.

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Fun, engaging topics that empower children in their school leadership roles. Training that works


Each course contains amazing content delivered via rich media for maximum impact, understanding and learning


Online learning with offline implementation further enhances the student journey and progress is accelerated

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